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  • Maanshan Jingwei slewing ring co.,ltd engineer team
    Maanshan Jingwei slewing ring co.,ltd engineer team

    Maanshan Jingwei slewing bearing have accumulated in-house engineer team, who has an experience in this field over 20 years, so they perform well during a plenty of projects. Maanshan Jingwei brands are widely used in each field for rotation (Like Aerospace, medical, heavy machinery, new energy, artificial intelligence, etc. ), each order through product selection, design, manufacturing and testing to ensure the reliability of our products which makes our customers can trust us. Our engineers also pay more attention to OEM R&D, processing, process optimization of raw materials for non-standard slewing bearings, etc. Customers can obtain the ideal and specific solutions through Maanshan Jingwei engineers. The engineering expertise of Fenghe make proof during our product applications. Our thin section and precision slewing solutions meet the highest quality standards and are available in a variety of materials, sizes, internal structures and more. How engineers can help you solve problems with slewing bearings, please contact our engineer team.

  • Analysic for noise which caused by tower crane slewing ring
    Analysic for noise which caused by tower crane slewing ring

    It is common for noise of tower crane slewing bearing during processing, while this situation happened, you should cut off the electricity, to find a solution to solve it. We will analysis some phenomenon causes noises, The rolling ring blank is caused by the material & product quality control during the rolling or forging process, so that the raceway is crushed, and the crushing place will expand continuously in the next stages. When the rolling element passes, there will be “cracking”. Eventually the slewing bearing fails. The rolling element is faulty, that is, there are pits or ulcers on the surface, which makes the slewing bearing of the tower crane inflexible and produces abnormal noise, and finally the slewing bearing is completely stuck. The difference of material, quality and heat treatment process of the selected spacer block causes the slewing bearing spacer to deform, crush and assemble without adjusting the gap which will make the spacer block turn over, causing the rolling element to be normally blocked in the raceway. The broken spacer block produces an abnormal sound when the slewing ring is in operation. The problem of slewing bearing plug and plug edge are not well smoothly machining during processing, and the taper pin is not fastened. When the steel ball passes through here, it will emit a continuous & regular noise. . Because the surface of the equipment is not flat when the slewing ring is installed, the slewing bearing raceway will be deformed during work. Therefore, a large driving force is needed to overcome these points, so that the main structural components are twisted and the joints are misaligned. The big noise “cracking” will eventually happened..

  • Repair & Maintenance of slewing bearing
    Repair & Maintenance of slewing bearing

    Introduction Tower crane plays an important role in the construction machinery industry, and it is also commonly used in people’s daily life which seems irrevocable tendency. The tower crane use a single-row four point contact ball elements slewing ring (01 series) and Double row ball slewing bearing, Dia. of 1000mm-2000mm, 1250mm & 1064mm are both standard. It is divided into two types for slewing bearing: bottom rotation and top rotation. Top installation is relatively common find in the application; the rest of the structure is installed on the upper part of the slewing bearing except the tower body. The advantage of this installation is that the tower body is fixed and the tower body is fixed. The lower structure is simple and the jacking and adding joints are convenient to operate. The disadvantage is that as the height increases, the center of gravity of the tower crane rising accordingly, which in turn easily effected stability by wind. The advantages of the bottom swing tower crane installation are decrease center of gravity, good stability, and convenient maintenance at a later stage. The disadvantage is that the technical requirements are severe and the installation height is limited. Instruction for maintenance and maintenance of tower crane slewing ring Before the installation, make sure tower crane support to stress relieving to reduce the deformation of the slewing bearing. When installing, the contact surface of the support and the slewing bearing must be cleaned to remove debris and burrs. The grease shall be re-applied to the slewing bearing and the pinion mesh while tower crane continue to work for 8 shift time.. In order to ensure the reliability of the bolt work, to avoid the shortage of bolt pre-tightening force, pay attention to check the pre-tightening force of the bolt. Take attention to the change of noise and the change of the rotary resistance torque. If there is any abnormality, it should be immediately shut down for inspection to avoid unnecessary loss. Use high-strength bolts and nuts to connect the slewing ring of the tower crane, cross tightening to keep balance; use double nut to tighten and prevent loosening Before the bolt is fully tightened, the meshing between pinion & gear should be checked. The meshing condition should meet the requirements of the gear precision.

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