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  • Slewing Ring Used For Car Turntables
    Slewing Ring Used For Car Turntables

    Automobile rotary table is a complete set of electromechanical equipment for rotary platform developed by turntable company in the 1990s according to the needs of domestic and foreign markets. It was initially used in domestic and international auto exhibitions to make rotating displays for cars. Then it is widely used in various industries, including automobiles, exhibitions, metallurgy, mining, machinery, advertising, stage design, manufacturing, etc. The main advantages of the car rotary turntable compared with other transmission rotary tables are high transmission precision, smooth operation and no noise, simple use and easy installation, and can design and produce rotary tables of different sizes and different bearing capacities according to user needs. Rotating exhibition stands are mainly used in rotating exhibition stands, car exhibition stands, rotating billboards, rotating spheres. Users can choose to use the method according to their needs. Slewing bearings are often used on car turntables, with flexible rotation and large load. The rotation speed can reach 20 revolutions per minute, and different sizes and materials can be customized according to customer requirements. Our shuangzheng company can provide a complete set of equipment for car turntable, slewing bearing plus pinion and motor. If your company has needs in this regard, please feel free to contact us.

  • Jingwei slewing bearing for artifical intelligence
    Jingwei slewing bearing for artifical intelligence

    With the development of society, various numbers of robot industries have increased rapidly, and they are inclined to use Fenghe slewing bearings. Jingwei light slewing bearings can meet the heavy loading moment and meet the strict space requirements. Fenghe precision slewing bearings have two advantages: muchmore lighter andsave space. Jingwei slewing bearings rotating more precise, heavy load capacity and long service life, while meeting fast installation and convenient operations. As a leading manufacturer of slewing bearings in China, Fenghe also provides comprehensive engineering and technical support. Slewing ring Customized precision slewing ring Customized, machined and designed all kinds of light slewing bearings Single row four point contact ball slewing ring Application Welding robot Laser processing robot Vacuum robot Cleaning robot Painting robot The slewing bearingis a large-sized bearing that can withstand a large load such as large axial load, radial load and overturning moment, and combines various functions such as support, rotation, transmission, and fixing. After years of development, Maanshanu slewing bearing industry has initially established relatively perfect industry standards. The research and development capabilities of slewing bearings have been greatly improved. In recent years, Xuzhou slewing bearings have developed rapidly, and the quality of slewing bearings is high. With its continuous improvement in operating capacity and production efficiency, Xuzhou Slewing Bearing has always maintained a competitive advantage in the domestic market. Jiangsu Shuangzheng Machinery Co., Ltd. is in the forefront. The advantages of our products are product technology, quality management system certification, core heat treatment technology and so on. In terms of product technology, our company has added two to three processes in the production process with full sincerity to ensure product quality and cooperation with your company. The price is lower than the normal process products. In the quality management system certification, our company has passed the ISO9001:2015quality management system certification audited by China Classification Society, and strictly follows the quality management system for production management from raw material procurement, sales orders, manufacturing and product delivery. More rigorous, more professional, and more authoritative. The heat treatmentprocess is the core process in the product manufacturing process. Our company uses the most advanced heat treatment equipment to improve product quality and service life.

  • Application Of Slewing Bearing In Machine Tool Industry
    Application Of Slewing Bearing In Machine Tool Industry

    Jingwei Slewing Bearing is a leading company in China's slewing bearing market. We are committed to providing various standard and non-standard slewing bearing solutions for the machinery industry. If you have more questions forslewing rings and table bearings assembling, our in house engineers will pay attention to this parts and provide solutions to you. Jingwei slewing bearings are widely applicationto the machinery industry and provide excellent precision for smoothly running. We do a lot of job in reducing weight, creating space, reducing friction and extending durable life. Fenghe offers a variety of raw materials, internal assembling, grease and corrosion resistance options. Fenghe offers the widest range of slewing bearings with P.C.D of 120mm to 5500mm. Jingwei slewing ring is suitable for all kinds of harsh environments. Our technical research and development personnel focus on sealing protection during the slewing bearing operation, which effectively guarantees the internal lubrication of the slewing ring and prolongs the durable life. As the main engine supporting manufacturer of China's machinery industry, we have provided stable and reliable slewing bearing operation solutions for XCMG, SANY CSGC and Zoomlion for a long time. Given Jingwei's expertise in slewing bearings, we keep closely with mechanical equipment designers to provide machinery industries cost-effective and value-added solution. Slewing ring Light series slewing ring Single-row four point contact ball slewing ring Single-row cross roller slewing ring Double rows ball slewing ring Three rows of roller slewing bearing Application Excavator Stacker and reclaimer Dynamic compactor Crawler crane Long spiral drilling equipment Wheeled crane Tower crane Cargo crane Concrete pump truck Roadheader Slewing bearing In the machine tool industry, the slewing bearing of standard structure adopts high-precision grade while applying preload to eliminate clearance and reduce vibration. The radial run out and diameter tolerance of the slewing bearing range from one thousandth to one ten thousandth of an inch (2.54 tan), the structure is compact, the cross-sectional size is small, and the diameter range can be as small as 50 mm (this type of slewing bearing steel ball The size is smaller than the steel ball size of the heavy series slewing bearing traditionally used). This prompted designers to begin to reconsider the traditional slewing bearing configuration. The hanger column bearing used to bear radial, axial and moment loads is installed with two sets of ball or roller slewing bearings spaced along the shaft. This configuration is achieved by placing two sets of slewing bearings on the shaft for a long distance Set to obtain higher moment load capacity. However, for this configuration, due to space constraints and installation complexity, it is difficult to adapt to new applications, and this is the advantage of slewing bearings. Using one set of slewing bearings instead of two set...

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