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  • Jingwei Company won four awards of Dangtu County in 2020
    Jingwei Company won four awards of Dangtu County in 2020
    • 2021-02-24

    On the morning of February 20, a working conference on Party building, economic and social development and the "project year" of Dangtu County was held. Xie Hongxin, Secretary of the county Party committee, attended the conference and made a speech. County Magistrate que Fangjun presided over the meeting. Wei Xuelin, Zhang Qing, Zhang Weidong and other county leaders attended the meeting. The conference solemnly commended the advanced collectives and individuals in 2020. MA ANSHAN JING WEI SLEWING RING CO.,LTD. won the four awards of "outstanding entrepreneurs in Dangtu County", "advanced enterprises with average benefit contribution per mu", "high-quality investment projects" and "excellent investment units in project construction", ranking the first in number.This year, Ma'anshan Jingwei new energy drive equipment Co., Ltd. launched a number of new products, including dual axle enclosed sliding drive, hourglass worm sliding drive and double flattened sliding drive, which were highly praised by customers at home and abroad. Yang Shihong, general manager of Jingwei Company (seventh from the left in the front row) was elected as "excellent entrepreneur"

  • Ma'anshan City leaders visit Jingwei
    Ma'anshan City leaders visit Jingwei
    • 2021-01-26

    On December 28, Ma'anshan municipal Party committee organized project supervision. Accompanied by the leaders of Dangtu County Party committee and county government, four sets of municipal leaders, including Zhang Yuefeng, Secretary of the municipal Party committee, Yuan Fang, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee and mayor of Ma'anshan, Qian shaquan, chairman of the CPPCC, Wu Jin, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee and executive vice mayor of Ma'anshan, visited Jingwei new energy company to inspect the progress of high-quality project construction. Jingwei new energy company, as the government's key enterprise and the city's only core supporting construction project of photovoltaic power station, uses idle assets and land to build and put into production a large-scale production line of rotary reducer and control system for solar energy in a short period of time, so as to make high-quality projects blossom and attract great attention from all walks of life. At the inspection site, the municipal leaders listened to the report of general manager Yang Shihong of Jingwei Company on the progress of the project construction in detail, and visited the production workshops in turn. They fully affirmed the measures and achievements of Jingwei new energy company in taking the market and policy as the guidance, seizing the opportunities, taking the road of green development, and rapidly promoting the project construction, and encouraged Jingwei new energy company to continue to do so Become bigger and stronger, and become the benchmark of the industry. The inspection lasted nearly 50 minutes.

  • Jingwei Company and Dangtu County signed the project agreement of
    Jingwei Company and Dangtu County signed the project agreement of "promoting the integration of Yangtze River Delta"
    • 2021-03-10

    On the morning of March 8, 2021, Dangtu County solemnly held a ceremony to promote the centralized commencement and signing of Yangtze River Delta integration projects. Municipal Party Secretary Zhang Yuefeng, mayor Yuan Fang, Secretary of Dangtu County Party committee Xie Hongxin and county magistrate que Fangjun attended the signing ceremony. Yang Shihong, general manager of Jingwei new energy drive equipment co.,ltd, was present to sign the contract. The picture shows general manager Yang Shihong (third from the left in the front row) signing the contract The project that Jingwei Company signed this time is IMO high-end wind power equipment project. The project is located in Dangtu economic development zone. It is invested by German IMO company and Jingwei Company, with a total investment of 2 billion yuan. The planned land is about 200 mu, and the new plant and complex building is about 100000 square meters. It has purchased precision numerical control equipment and testing instruments from Germany, Italy and Japan. It has established a joint venture with German IMO company, introduced German production management technology, and started the production of high-power wind power main bearing And solar photovoltaic power reducer production project. After the completion of the project, the annual output value is expected to exceed 2.5 billion yuan.

  • Jingwei new energy in 2020 Shanghai SNEC Photovoltaic Exhibition
    Jingwei new energy in 2020 Shanghai SNEC Photovoltaic Exhibition
    • 2021-01-27

    "Many people think that affected by the global epidemic, this may be a cool exhibition, but they didn't expect to kill a" black horse "from it and achieve a surprising and brilliant scene.". Yesterday, Zhang Chen, deputy general manager of Jingwei new energy technology, who just returned from the exhibition, expressed the above-mentioned feelings to the author with confidence. After further understanding, we know that what he called "dark horse" is Jingwei new energy Co., Ltd., which will show its brilliance at the 2020 Shanghai SNEC Photovoltaic Exhibition. "Almost all the bosses of the same industry have come to our booth... The technical teams of well-known enterprises in the industry have also come... Many domestic and foreign purchasers of rotary reducers have also come... They all praise us after visiting and exchanging.". Zhang Chen continued to excitedly tell the author about his personal experience at the exhibition. "Then, as a new company, it is the first time for us to participate in the Photovoltaic Exhibition as a new energy company that we are not familiar with. How can we surprise our peers and conquer our customers at the exhibition with many strong players? Zhang Chen replied that in order to make Jingwei new energy brand in this exhibition, we give full play to the advantages of top talents in the industry, try our best to integrate new design concepts into product modeling, product structure, product performance, product application and many other aspects, and develop a number of rotary reducers with unique styles, advanced technology, superior performance and more in line with market demand The new style and advanced technology are not available in the market at present, so once they come out, they get people's attention and favor. It is understood that Jingwei new energy Co., Ltd. does have new images and highlights in this exhibition. It not only vividly and objectively shows the huge scale and huge production capacity of the industry, but also strongly introduces a number of independent innovation products such as JV series, JL series and JW series, which are innovative and unprecedented. At the same time, in order to better solve the problem of photovoltaic support toppling in many places around the world, a dynamic simulation demonstration link connecting the new rotary reducer and photovoltaic support is specially set up, which directly shows the audience the warp and weft scheme that is likely to replace the mainstream technology in the industry. Zhang Chen finally said that the innovative performance of Jingwei energy has made many businessmen come to the exhibition for negotiation, and they are very interested; a well-known enterprise in the same industry even has a technical team led by the general manager to observe and learn; some businessmen also hope to cooperate in the first time when new products are launched in the future; in addition, the TV program group has taken the initiative to invite Jingwei new energy...

  • Jingwei Company's
    Jingwei Company's "Sun chasing technology" wins the mainstream media
    • 2019-05-23

    From May 21 to 22, Ma'anshan daily, the party journal, and Ma'anshan release, the mainstream new media, all took "Sun chasing technology" to light up Kubuqi Desert as the title, respectively, reported on Jingwei's participation in the photovoltaic power generation project construction in Dalate Banner, Inner Mongolia, on the front page or on the front page. When the news came out, it immediately aroused widespread concern and praise from the society. After reading "santaige" and "Wangfeng", netizens left messages on the platform of "Ma'anshan release" one after another: "the pony has taken off", "amazing! The pride of Maanshan people. " Wanjiang evening news, news portal website of Maanshan municipal Party committee and municipal government - "Wanjiang online" and other important media also published in wechat microblog and prominent position on the home page. In order to let more people from all walks of life who are concerned about the development of Jingwei Company know the details, we will reprint the full text of the report published in Ma'anshan daily to convey the meaning of sharing. For example, a 400 kilometer long Huanglong lies in the Kubuqi Desert in the north of Ordos Plateau. Today, there are 100000 mu of vast area changing from desert to oasis. The ups and downs of the vertical and straight photovoltaic power station, like the blue sea and the green pine forest, staged an amazing spectacle in the desert. Among the major forces involved in the construction of this "photovoltaic + agriculture and forestry + tourism + desertification control" planning blueprint, there is a force from "Ma'anshan intelligent manufacturing", that is, the builders of Ma'anshan Jingwei Slewing Bearing Co., Ltd. who provide tracking slewing deceleration device and photovoltaic power station. As a class I resource area, Kubuqi Desert has abundant light resources. According to the data of wind energy and solar energy resource center of China Meteorological Administration, the total annual radiation of local horizontal surface is 6005.8mj/m2. After the completion of all projects, 960000 tons of coal can be saved every year. Stand out in "desert soldiers" In June 2018, the first photovoltaic power generation application leading base project phase I in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region with a total investment of 15 billion yuan and a scale capacity of 2 million kilowatts was commenced in Dalate Banner. After a series of strict inspection and selection by the owner, Jingwei Company, which is listed as the supplier of supporting equipment, immediately put into the tense and busy selection, verification and stock up production. In just three months, more than 2000 solar tracking rotary reducers of different models arrived in Dalat banner on time. "Stand out from the desert troops, and we should cherish them a hundred times." Wang Shujun, deputy general manager in charge of technology of Jingwei Company, said that before that, the technical personnel of Jingwei Compa...

  • The 10th anniversary of Jingwei Company
    The 10th anniversary of Jingwei Company
    • 2017-12-14

    Group photo of Jingwei Company's 10th anniversary employees Ma'anshan Jingwei Slewing Bearing Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise integrating slewing drive, slewing bearing design, development and manufacturing.

  • Jingwei Company won the title of
    Jingwei Company won the title of "Ma'anshan labor security integrity class a enterprise" in 2018
    • 2018-10-23

    Recently, through enterprise declaration, government review and evaluation, Jingwei Company was awarded the title of "Ma'anshan labor security integrity class a enterprise" in 2018. According to the implementation measures for evaluation of labor security law-abiding and integrity level of employers in Maanshan City, the compliance of employers with human resources and social security laws and regulations is divided into three grades: A, B and C, and a is the best. The examination contents include 11 items, including "the establishment of internal labor security rules and regulations by the employer; the conclusion and performance of labor contracts; the participation in various social insurances and the payment of social insurance premiums, as well as the payment of workers' wages". Jingwei Company has obtained the excellent evaluation of 10 items related to the real enterprise. Since its establishment, Jingwei Company has made great efforts to create scientific and technological, innovative and humanistic Jingwei. Meanwhile, it has always been focusing on the labor security issues of the most concern to workers, insisting on building credit Jingwei. Through years of honest operation, we not only put an end to all kinds of violations of laws and regulations and labor disputes, but also create a good situation in which the staff team grows year by year, the staff income grows steadily, the staff mood is positive, and the labor relations are harmonious and stable. During the period, the company was also awarded the title of "harmonious enterprise of labor relations" by the municipal Party committee and the municipal government.

  •   Jingwei Company won the title of
    Jingwei Company won the title of "home of model employees in Anhui Province"
    • 2019-12-15

    Recently, Jingwei Company has been awarded the title of "home of model employees in Anhui Province" by Anhui Federation of trade unions, and has become one of the five units in Maanshan city to receive this award. In recent years, Jingwei Company has been firmly following the nineteen spirit of the party's sixteen party and the union, guided by Xi Jinping's socialist ideology with China's characteristics and firmly adhering to the China's socialist trade union development path. Through various effective ways, we have united and led the staff and workers to jointly create a model home for workers, so as to escort the development of enterprises. The first is to introduce a number of policies to encourage and guide the employees to vigorously carry out technological innovation activities in combination with the characteristics of the company's young technical staff with great ratio and strong innovation vitality; the second is to take timely signing of labor contracts, timely payment of labor remuneration, strengthening labor protection and providing a good working environment as the protection carrier to ensure that the legitimate rights and interests of employees are not infringed; the third is to always adhere to the division The combination of learning and humanized management can properly deal with labor relations, educate people with systems, treat people with leniency, retain people with treatment, emotional people, show people with fairness, and strive to build a new harmonious labor relations; fourth, build a new staff restaurant and labor union cultural activity room, expand parking lot, so that the material and spiritual life of the staff can be improved simultaneously, and fully feel the enterprise's greatness Fifth, we should strengthen our own construction by setting up trade union branches and groups, adding full-time and part-time trade union cadres, strengthening education and training, and strive to lay a solid foundation for work and the masses. Through striving for the home of model employees, many indexes of Jingwei Company have changed significantly. Compared with the previous ones, the number of high-tech products and patents increased by 25% and 38.4% respectively; the number of product categories increased from 2 to 3; the number of employees increased from 200 to nearly 300; the income of employees increased year by year; the labor relations expanded well, and was successively rated as "harmonious labor relations enterprise" and "labor security credit class a enterprise" in Maanshan city.

  • Jingwei Company holds annual working conference
    Jingwei Company holds annual working conference
    • 2019-01-31

    On January 26, Jingwei Company held an annual working conference to review and summarize the main work in 2018, and formulated and launched five development goals in 2019. The meeting determined that the guiding ideology for the work in 2019 is: adhere to the principle of seeking progress in stability, adhere to the guidance of innovation, adhere to the principle of expanding supply, adhere to the principle of credit first, adhere to the principle of all-round development, and strive to create a new situation of enterprise prosperity. The meeting set the goal of economic construction in 2019: to produce 66000 sets of slewing bearings, 30000 sets of slewing drives, achieve a sales revenue of 200 million yuan and a profit and tax of 20 million yuan. The meeting called on all employees to work together, overcome difficulties, work hard, and strive to complete all tasks of the new year, so as to create a better future for Jingwei Company with outstanding achievements. The meeting was presided over by Wang Shujun, deputy general manager. Each relevant person in charge made a report to the meeting on the work of the Department in 2018 and the work plan in 2019. Other participants also expressed their own opinions and made suggestions for the development of the company. In a serious and warm atmosphere, general manager Yang Shihong made a work report entitled "follow the trend, climb bravely, and make every effort to create a new situation of work in 2019", which summarized and planned the main work of the past and the new year in a practical and realistic way in 6 aspects and 10 aspects. President Yang first pointed out that 2018 is an important turning year for Jingwei Company to strive for a historic leap in the face of new historical period, new challenges and new opportunities, as well as a fruitful year with fruitful results and shared by all staff. The most challenging annual comprehensive output increased by 38.9% over the previous year, of which the slewing ring increased by 22.7% and the slewing drive for solar energy increased by 198.2%, with a rapid growth; the most growing annual sales revenue increased by 81.2% year on year, of which domestic and foreign trade increased by 118.9% and 30.2% respectively, making a landmark breakthrough in major nodes; the most attractive annual per capita income hit a new record, Among them, the annual per capita income of the first-line production personnel is nearly 80000 yuan, an increase of 15.4% compared with the same period of last year, and all three indicators have leaped to the forefront of the same industry in this city. The successful R & D of the most strategic high-precision gear and planetary reducer projects has created preconditions for seeking high-end manufacturing, aerospace market access and accelerating the process of high-quality development. In addition, the most iconic international high-end machine tools and domestic advanced production equipment have been introduced in large qua...

  • "Excellent employees" of Jingwei Company in 2018
    • 2019-02-02

    1 Shi Yongyun: gear shaper operator of production department. It integrates professional quality and demonstration. For more than five years since entering the factory, it has always put the company's interests at the highest position, abides by the rules and regulations of the factory, works hard, and ignores personal gains and losses. In order to improve professional skills and make excellent products, it also often exchanges and helps with colleagues, not only accumulating rich operation experience, but also setting a good example for new employees. Su Jikang: grinder operator of production department. In more than two years of work in the factory, I have always been obedient to the arrangement, conscientious, and hard-working. From the initial apprentice, I have rapidly grown into an independent, skilled and outstanding post expert. At the same time, he also cares about his colleagues, is willing to help others, is good at cooperation, and gains unanimous praise among the departments and workers. Wang Huan: general CNC drilling machine operator of production department. Although it is less than two years from apprenticeship to becoming a full-time student, he has shown skillful skills and good performance in his work. All of this benefits from the strict self requirements, rigorous working attitude and diligent and studious spirit, so it stands out and becomes an advanced person in the section. Ji Zhaoyun: gear shaper operator of production department. As an 8-year-old employee, he has made unremitting efforts to step into the ranks of today's "excellent employees". In the eyes of the workers, he is highly responsible, with solid foundation, outstanding skills, and excellent quality; in the eyes of the leaders, he also has the courage to take on responsibilities, not perfunctorily shirk responsibilities, and the execution like a soldier. In the "excellent employees" evaluation, he won the unanimous recommendation of everyone with his performance of serving the public. Li Ming: inspector of driving workshop. With the day and night production of rotary drive in 2018, he undertook a large number of product inspection tasks. Not afraid of hard work, conscientious, thoughtful, often work overtime to complete the work. To deal with some mistakes in the work, we can accept the criticism from the leaders, correct and summarize them in time, which promotes the continuous improvement of our own inspection ability and inspection quality, and makes a great contribution to the timely and quality delivery of products. Wang Qiang: lathe worker of gear business department. In 2018, when there are many varieties and large quantities of rotary drive production, and worm processing time is tight, not only do they work overtime regularly, but also use their long-term practical skills, carefully and flexibly adjust worm finishing route, and strive to improve unit output. At the same time, he also paid great attention to the accumulation and application of experie...

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