"Excellent employees" of Jingwei Company in 2018

"Excellent employees" of Jingwei Company in 2018

  • 2019-02-02


Shi Yongyun: gear shaper operator of production department. It integrates professional quality and demonstration. For more than five years since entering the factory, it has always put the company's interests at the highest position, abides by the rules and regulations of the factory, works hard, and ignores personal gains and losses. In order to improve professional skills and make excellent products, it also often exchanges and helps with colleagues, not only accumulating rich operation experience, but also setting a good example for new employees.

Su Jikang: grinder operator of production department. In more than two years of work in the factory, I have always been obedient to the arrangement, conscientious, and hard-working. From the initial apprentice, I have rapidly grown into an independent, skilled and outstanding post expert. At the same time, he also cares about his colleagues, is willing to help others, is good at cooperation, and gains unanimous praise among the departments and workers.

Wang Huan: general CNC drilling machine operator of production department. Although it is less than two years from apprenticeship to becoming a full-time student, he has shown skillful skills and good performance in his work. All of this benefits from the strict self requirements, rigorous working attitude and diligent and studious spirit, so it stands out and becomes an advanced person in the section.

Ji Zhaoyun: gear shaper operator of production department. As an 8-year-old employee, he has made unremitting efforts to step into the ranks of today's "excellent employees". In the eyes of the workers, he is highly responsible, with solid foundation, outstanding skills, and excellent quality; in the eyes of the leaders, he also has the courage to take on responsibilities, not perfunctorily shirk responsibilities, and the execution like a soldier. In the "excellent employees" evaluation, he won the unanimous recommendation of everyone with his performance of serving the public.

Li Ming: inspector of driving workshop. With the day and night production of rotary drive in 2018, he undertook a large number of product inspection tasks. Not afraid of hard work, conscientious, thoughtful, often work overtime to complete the work. To deal with some mistakes in the work, we can accept the criticism from the leaders, correct and summarize them in time, which promotes the continuous improvement of our own inspection ability and inspection quality, and makes a great contribution to the timely and quality delivery of products.

Wang Qiang: lathe worker of gear business department. In 2018, when there are many varieties and large quantities of rotary drive production, and worm processing time is tight, not only do they work overtime regularly, but also use their long-term practical skills, carefully and flexibly adjust worm finishing route, and strive to improve unit output. At the same time, he also paid great attention to the accumulation and application of experience, which made the worm processing basically achieve the automatic realization of software programming, safe and efficient. The first product qualification rate reached 99.9%, which provided strong support for the normal production of the next process.

Jiao Shangbing: Director of drive technology. At the time of entry in 2016, when the company's solar energy rotary drive project was launched, there were few people and many things, only one person undertook most of the technical and after-sales service work of the project, and handled relevant affairs in a timely manner day and night. In the use of the products, they often rush to the construction site in the plateau, desert and other places at the first time, and help the construction party to solve technical problems successfully under the adverse environment, which has won the valuable enterprise and market reputation for the company.

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