Jingwei Company holds annual working conference

Jingwei Company holds annual working conference

  • 2019-01-31

On January 26, Jingwei Company held an annual working conference to review and summarize the main work in 2018, and formulated and launched five development goals in 2019.

The meeting determined that the guiding ideology for the work in 2019 is: adhere to the principle of seeking progress in stability, adhere to the guidance of innovation, adhere to the principle of expanding supply, adhere to the principle of credit first, adhere to the principle of all-round development, and strive to create a new situation of enterprise prosperity.

The meeting set the goal of economic construction in 2019: to produce 66000 sets of slewing bearings, 30000 sets of slewing drives, achieve a sales revenue of 200 million yuan and a profit and tax of 20 million yuan.

The meeting called on all employees to work together, overcome difficulties, work hard, and strive to complete all tasks of the new year, so as to create a better future for Jingwei Company with outstanding achievements.

The meeting was presided over by Wang Shujun, deputy general manager. Each relevant person in charge made a report to the meeting on the work of the Department in 2018 and the work plan in 2019. Other participants also expressed their own opinions and made suggestions for the development of the company.

In a serious and warm atmosphere, general manager Yang Shihong made a work report entitled "follow the trend, climb bravely, and make every effort to create a new situation of work in 2019", which summarized and planned the main work of the past and the new year in a practical and realistic way in 6 aspects and 10 aspects. President Yang first pointed out that 2018 is an important turning year for Jingwei Company to strive for a historic leap in the face of new historical period, new challenges and new opportunities, as well as a fruitful year with fruitful results and shared by all staff. The most challenging annual comprehensive output increased by 38.9% over the previous year, of which the slewing ring increased by 22.7% and the slewing drive for solar energy increased by 198.2%, with a rapid growth; the most growing annual sales revenue increased by 81.2% year on year, of which domestic and foreign trade increased by 118.9% and 30.2% respectively, making a landmark breakthrough in major nodes; the most attractive annual per capita income hit a new record, Among them, the annual per capita income of the first-line production personnel is nearly 80000 yuan, an increase of 15.4% compared with the same period of last year, and all three indicators have leaped to the forefront of the same industry in this city. The successful R & D of the most strategic high-precision gear and planetary reducer projects has created preconditions for seeking high-end manufacturing, aerospace market access and accelerating the process of high-quality development. In addition, the most iconic international high-end machine tools and domestic advanced production equipment have been introduced in large quantities, which has also brought fresh blood to the expansion of strength and production capacity.

Later, Mr. Yang focused on the main work and many other achievements in 2018, and specifically summarized them into five aspects: first, focusing on industrial innovation, planning and creating a new industrial pattern in which the new products of slewing ring, slewing drive and "gear and planetary reducer" borrow each other's resources, make simultaneous efforts and form a joint force; second, strengthening production capacity allocation and increasing human and material resources The comprehensive output has been increased by more than 30%, which is the best record in the history of producing more than 5200 sets of slewing rings in a month. Third, the market potential has been explored deeply, and the sales volume of products has been increased by about 24000 sets compared with the previous year. Fourth, the scientific research achievements have been enriched, and one national invention patent, 10 utility model patents and two high-tech products have been added in the whole year through cooperation and self creation. Fifth, the comprehensive development and coordinated promotion have been adhered to It has won many honors, such as "double strong and six good party branches", "home of model employees in Anhui Province", "brand demonstration enterprise in Anhui Province" and "A-level enterprise of labor security integrity", and has established a standardized management system jointly implemented by quality management system, environmental management system, occupational health and safety management system and measurement management system.

Finally, Mr. Yang took "seize the opportunity, take advantage of the situation; face the difficulties, dare to fight; practice hard internal skills, strengthen self" as the overall requirements, and carefully deployed the five key tasks in 2019. First, continue to expand production capacity and strive for scale efficiency. Through the construction of two new production lines and the recruitment of a large number of production personnel, the annual output of more than 800mm slewing ring will be increased by another 10000 sets, further demonstrating the power of scale; second, grasp the advanced technology in the industry, and vigorously carry out precise innovation. We need to identify the positioning, develop new technology and new products that are expected by customers, satisfied with the market, with significant advantages and fill in gaps, and at the same time set up a high-level R & D platform to provide high-quality guarantee for innovation activities. Third, we need to constantly promote the transformation of achievements and gradually form new economic growth points. The key point is to work hard on entering the market, to find ways to build momentum, to strive for speed in the transfer, and to achieve a win-win situation in which technological achievements are launched at home and abroad. Fourth, keep up with the market situation and expand sales channels. Take the new domestic leading machinery manufacturing enterprises as the new firm support point, work together to pry more slewing ring main engine market in a multi-level and radioactive way, so as to further expand the influence of Jingwei bearing brand. Fifth, strive to improve the comprehensive management level and governance capacity. Combine production management, safety management, environmental management, party and government management, business management and other management organically, so that they can become a compatible whole with mutual inheritance and promotion.

At the end of the report, on behalf of the company and himself, President Yang paid a new year's greetings to all employees and their families, wishing them all a happy new year, a happy family and all the best.

All the management of the company attended the meeting.

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