Jingwei Company commending excellent employees

Jingwei Company commending excellent employees

  • February 24,2021.
In 2020, under the complex background of global epidemic prevention and control, all staff of MAANSHAN JINGWEI NEW ENERGY DRIVE EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD unite as one, carry forward the heroic spirit of invincibility, fight against the middle stream, fight against the high temperature in summer, break through the cold in winter, seize the high yield, and achieve fruitful results of production and supply guarantee. Here, in the name of the company, we would like to extend our sincere respect and heartfelt thanks to all employees!

The wind and rain are strong on the way, and the times make heroes. After the production and marketing examination in 2020, the perfect answers from the front-line examination room stretch out, and the outstanding representatives from the post stage soar. Their loyalty is like fire, outstanding achievements, who I sacrifice, moved Jingwei. Today, let's show their admirable demeanor in the way of salutation, so as to inspire the public to look forward to a better future.

Quality Model Award: Xu Xiaojun (Turner)

He looks gentle, but he has a fire in his heart. This group of fire is full of enthusiasm for work, assiduous study of technology, strict control of quality, and hard burst of longitude and latitude. With his not burly body and indomitable will, he wrote down the history of struggle and glory in the past two years since he entered the factory, from an excellent newcomer to a quality model. It is commendable and the future is promising.

Quality Model Award: Liu Dong (Turner)

Winning by quality depends not only on technology, but also on responsibility and responsibility. Twelve years with Jingwei, he used the sincerity of ordinary people, the pursuit of skills and the devotion to quality to draw an extraordinary career path, and won one honor after another. Today, he is on the podium of quality model. At this moment, although he is ordinary, he is extraordinary.His hard work made Jingwei Company High standard slewing bearings.

Quality Model Award: Zhong Jilin (lathe worker)
He won the outstanding employee award in 2018, the output leader award in 2019 and the quality model award in 2020. He has always been excellent, not high education, but love to study, superb skills and honest loyalty. In his career, there are more gratitude and less deviation; more dedication and less impetuosity; more self-discipline and less willfulness.

Mao Yiqiang (boring machine worker)
Thin shoulders shoulder heavy labor, bit by bit of accumulation into a high-yield torrent. Boring is a seemingly simple process, but he uses the drill to move and rely on his heart and hands, turning it into a craftsman's performance in the arena. In the face of 2020's supply and demand test, he has won the battle of exhaustion, conquered the fortress, stridden over himself, made remarkable achievements and made remarkable achievements.

Huang Peijin (Turner)
With firm love, full of persistence, from raw to skilled, from giving to harvest, we can learn from experience. The ancients said: if you don't accumulate a small step, you can't reach a thousand miles. If you don't accumulate a small stream, you can't become a river. For him, a small stream is perseverance, and a small step is constant progress. He uses his actions to say that he is willing to face the longitude and latitude without regret.

Xia gengteng (Turner)
He said that he would not speak big principles. In fact, he is 100 times better than those who can only speak big principles. He said that his greatest wish is to do a good job down-to-earth. In fact, this is the biggest big principle. He works day and night, takes the lead in dirty and hard work, does not flinch from urgent and difficult work, grabs every minute to get ahead of others. With his outstanding achievements, he interprets an indisputable conclusion: high yield is achieved in this way.

Ding Xiaoming (heat treatment worker)
As a key role in the key process, heat treatment worker is an important member of the enterprise family. He knows that to be a good member, we must learn to shoulder the responsibility, which is to unite as one in the face of "family affairs" and forge ahead bravely in the face of difficulties. Never admit defeat, put on the wings of surpassing for him, work hard and play the song of high yield and honor for him.

Jiang Feng (Turner)
Although the output is only a number, it can really measure the attitude and effort behind it. In the team of Jingwei lathe workers, he stood out after three years, and the output was outstanding. He made more efforts than others. In 2020, the production will break 6000 for the first time, rise to 7000 the next month, and surpass 10000 at the end of the year. Every time, there will be a figure of him who is brave enough to overcome the difficulties, such as rushing to the top and climbing to the top.

Loyalty and dedication Award: Ji Zhaoyun (gear miller)
Loyalty is not only a matter of time, but also a matter of time. After ten years of integration, he never leaves, and his mind and body are still there. In the dedication, in the hard work, in the selflessness, in the lead, but also with dedication, passing the appearance of loyalty. It is admirable to say that he is a proud man, and it is indisputable to say that he is a meritorious and meritorious official. Once committed to, dedicated for several years.

Loyalty and dedication Award: Gao Yongxiang (forklift worker)
It's not hard to drive a forklift. It's hard to be serious. For full-time forklift workers, accurate forklift, stable line, put firmly, no collision is serious. Conscientiousness and loyalty are twin brothers. He integrated them into diligence and poured them into the work-piece transportation day and night. He said from the bottom of his heart that in the future work, we should strive to make more contributions to Jingwei.

Yu Jun (gear miller)
Saving is a traditional virtue, and refusing to waste is his long-standing creed. No matter in the hobbing or milling post, the hobbing cutter will be used to "die" and the milling cutter will be used to "die" in order to fulfill the commitment to reduce production costs. There is no inherent "economizer", only a practitioner of self-discipline. His frugality for the public is not only an example, but also a heritage.

Saving Pioneer Award: Xu Bing (driller)
When Mu Ming came to Jingwei, he fell in love with it. He expressed his love with diligence and thrift. The old taps used in numerical control drilling and the old taps that others call worthless are all turned into sharp tools for drilling hoisting holes. With his practice and high salary, he has effectively proved an eternal truth: diligence and thrift, benefit the enterprise and self-interest.

New growth Award: Li Fei (2.5m lathe worker)
As a September rookie, from the moment he stepped on the 2.5-meter limousine post, he was destined to pay more than others. Seeing more, listening more, thinking more, asking more and doing more are the growth rules he strictly abides by. He regards his respect for his master, his in-depth study, his humility to interests and his mastery of skills as the "stepping stone" to success. He does not ask about hardships, but only for the future.

New growth Award: Xu Xiang (lathe worker)
Like many of his friends, he was involved in machining for the first time, but he also experienced ignorance and helplessness. But what is remarkable is that he is better at learning and more diligent than his peers. Problems make him learn to think, persistence makes him understand, he uses the reality of his own to affirm a kind of thought: there is no natural growth skills due to the flow of years, only climbing and moving forward like him.

Team harmony Award: new energy driven painting class
Drive paint class, a name that dare to charge. In the group, there are spray painters in protective "battle robes" and auxiliary workers in post cleaning tasks. However, no matter who they are, they always keep in mind a tenet: they work together when they have tasks, they work together when they have difficulties, and no one is left behind. Faced with the arduous task of delivering more than 3200 rotary reducers in seven days at a time in 2020, they "vacuumed" themselves, put forth their vigor, and finally wrote a perfect "V". Harmony indicates unity. It is said that the power of unity is endless. Here is an example.

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