Slewing Drive

Slewing Drive

High Quality Small Size 9 inch Slewing Drive For Solar Tracker

High Quality Small Size 9 inch Slewing Drive For Solar Tracker

High Quality Small Size 9 inch Slewing Drive For Solar Tracker ,used in lifting, high altitude operations and other equipment, to improve the operating stability of the host machine and operating safety factor.

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Single-axis solar trackers rotate on one axis moving back and forth in a single direction. Different types of single-axis trackers include horizontal, vertical, tilted, and polar aligned, which rotate as the names imply. Dual-axis trackers continually face the sun because they can move in two different directions. Types include tip-tilt and azimuth-altitude. Dual-axis tracking is typically used to orient a mirror and redirect sunlight along a fixed axis towards a stationary receiver. Because these trackers follow the sun vertically and horizontally they help obtain maximum solar energy generation.This product is a Single-axis solar trackers Rotary drive.

9 inch Slewing Drive

9 inch Horizontal worm Slewing Drive, it is a kind of integration of driving power source of the week Slewing drive mechanism, its slewing bearing as transmission follower and adhesion mechanism, through the rotary bearing inner and outer circle a circle on the initiative of the cover, driving source and shell, and the other a circle both as a follower, and the connection of the base as driven working parts, so using the Slewing bearing itself is the week characteristics of Slewing joints, efficient allocation of driving power source and the main transmission parts, make it become a kind of rotary, slow down and drive function in a body and at the same time, simple structure, manufacture and maintenance convenient universal reduction drive mechanism.This product is a rotary, slow down and drive function Rotary Drive and a maintenance convenient universal reduction Rotary drive.

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