Slewing Bearing

Slewing Bearing

Thin Section Non Geared Slewing Bearing

Thin Section Non Geared Slewing Bearing

Light type slewing bearing available without gear, with internal gear or with external gear, range 200mm to 3000mm OD.

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Product Detail

Thin Section Non Geared Slewing Bearing

Product Details

The light slewing bearing has been manufactured in shuangzheng factory for a very long time, and it has many different advantages compared with other type slewing bearings.

Light type slewing bearing available without gear, with internal gear or with external gear, range 200mm to 3000mm OD.

Slewing bearings consist of an internal and external ring and rolling elements with an integrated raceway system and optional internal or external toothing. A functional seal protects the raceway system on the upper and lower sides. Slewing rings are designed for grease lubrication which is carried out via grease nipples.

ADEs structure of solar energy monitoring

ADEs has accumulated many years of experience in designing and installing solar tracker for photovoltaic panels, which has led us to develop a new monitoring system that seeks greater simplicity and economy while maintaining our traditional highest quality and performance levels.

High quality / low cost

In short, the new system is a metal structure for holding photovoltaic solar panels, which has tracking functions on one or two axes. Tracking is accomplished by moving the smallest part of the structure. These are low-cost, high-quality structures.

The basic unit of the new system is a grid of 21 photovoltaic panels, three rows per seven rows. The rack can be tilted on its longitudinal axis and the movement of the entire unit is synchronized by a single driver. When the power density per square meter is 0, as the sun moves during the day, rows of ovens line up on the ground along the NS direction and tilt along the EW direction. High.

A range of benefits for our customers

The power density of the system is very high, and its design enables it to adapt to the irregularity of terrain, which means that the investment in civil engineering is the least.

The system is suitable for any photovoltaic panel, and also has the characteristics of best portability, assembly speed, low visual impact and low maintenance cost.

These are the safest systems in the wind resistant market. At night, if the wind speed exceeds 70 km / h, the grill is placed horizontally to withstand gusts up to 200 km / h.

More than 150 MW of over 4500 solar trackers guarantee our expertise. There are many advantages and technical differences for domestic and international customers to implement our solutions.

A free consultation

Email us with any questions or inquiries or use our contact data. We would be happy to answer your questions.

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