Slewing Drive

Slewing Drive

Slewing Gears with Worm Drive

Slewing Gears with Worm Drive

slewing gears with worm drive Shuangzheng slewing drives are widely applied on horizontal and inclined single and dual axis PV solar tracking system, solar tower system, parabolic trough solar tracker, solar dish tracker and linear fresnel thermal system as well as marine crane, lift crane,...

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Product Detail

slewing gears with worm drive

Product features

JINGWEI Slewing Gears with Worm Drive are widely applied on horizontal and inclined single and dual axis PV solar tracking system, solar tower system, parabolic trough solar tracker, solar dish tracker and linear fresnel thermal system as well as marine crane, lift crane, timber grab, mining equipment, cutting equipment, aerial working platform, truck crane, drilling rig, turn table, automation line and so on.
JINGWEI worm gear slew drive is being accepted by customers home and abroad with reliable quality and reputation.

Principle description

The angle of solar radiation has a great impact on the power generation of photovoltaic power generation system.

By tracking the sun, the photovoltaic tracking system helps photovoltaic modules obtain the angle of incidence of the sun, so as to increase the power generation (10-20% can be increased according to different dimensions, and the higher the dimension, the more obvious the effect), and then improve the project yield of the whole power generation system.

This technology has been widely used overseas, especially in Europe and the United States and other developed regions, most of the new projects have adopted tracking system.

Features of longitude and latitude tracking system

1. Safety and stability

Simplified drive system: there is only one driving motor and control system in the whole array, centralized control, less potential fault points and easy maintenance;

High quality rotary drive system: stable self-locking mechanism can effectively protect the safety of equipment. The capacity of a single system can reach 144kw. transmission

Large torque, excellent environmental adaptability;

Stability design and test: the whole product adopts bolt back lock to eliminate the problem of component sliding due to unstable locking of pressing block type fixing scheme. Tracking branch

The frame has passed rigorous structural calculation to ensure the strength and stability of the product.

2. Convenient and flexible

High adaptability: it can be flexibly used in projects such as ground power station, roof distribution, fishery light complementary, agricultural light complementary, grazing light complementary and so on;

There is no welding in product installation, less fastener specification (< 8), less installation time and no need of large equipment;

It has simple structure and convenient installation.

3. Intelligent and efficient

Remote monitoring and maintenance: it has the function of remote monitoring and remote diagnosis;

Intelligent protection: realize automatic identification and protection of all kinds of weather (rain, snow, gale, etc.);

A variety of value-added functions: reverse tracking, remote start, stop, reset, manual, wind resistance, snow resistance, heavy rain cleaning, etc.

Quality assurance

1. Production and processing guarantee: we have strict quality control system and strict supply review system

Department, specially assigned person to supervise and control the production quality of key components;

2. Key parts guarantee: (steel and aluminum bracket, rotary device, motor and control system, etc.) have passed CE and TUV certification;

3. Design verification support

Roof photovoltaic power station in Queensland, Australia

A free consultation

Email us with any questions or inquiries or use our contact data. We would be happy to answer your questions.

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